Beaver Fun™ River Run

An arcade-style, single-player, pixel art inspired, canoe racing game.

What’s cute isn’t always easy!

  • Compete in two qualifying and one medal round on an expansive, physics-engine driven, virtual river full of rocks, logs, strainers, and waterfalls.
  • Advance through groups of rapid sensors, collecting enough red leaves to qualify, and cross the finish line before the time expires.


  • Water – Differing speeds and directions will move your boat around.
  • Rapid Sensors – Keep alert and plan ahead, hit them in good order or be capsized.
  • Bonus Waves – Time them right and take a plunge… could be a little help or a lot of crunch.
  • Fowl – Do not touch the ducks or risk being given a penalty card.
  • Eggs – Use your hat to block splashes and splats.

Beaver Fun™ Friends!

  • On your journey down river, look for friends and items to assist you.
  • Be rewarded by using your boat to catch fish from the river, denying the raccoons the opportunity to eat them.
  • Pick-up cameras to get photos of your journey.

Beaver Fun™ River Run was created and developed by one person who still dreams of the days of the arcades.


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